"Langur" is a documentary that tells the inspiring story of Jacky Whadwani, a 29-year-old man who has dedicated his life to taking care of langurs, a species of monkeys that are revered as sacred animals in India. Born and raised in the slums of Bhavnagar, Gujarat, Jacky developed a deep love for langurs at an early age.

He was fascinated by their behaviour and spent hours watching them play in the trees. As he grew older, Jacky realized that he could use his passion for langurs to earn a living. He became a langur himself, Painting his face/body &wearing a monkey suit, and performing at weddings and festivals for free.

His performances were a hit, and gradually he became famous in his area. However, his orthodox Gujarati/Sindhi community disowned him and his family abandoned him at a young age, causing Jacky to feel isolated and alone. He moved to the neighbour town of Junagadh and he did odd jobs till he grew 20, he was always encouraged & supported by GURU JEE (God-Man living alone in isolation) Despite his struggles, Jacky never lost his love for langurs.

He started feeding over 100 langurs once a week, travelling 250 km to reach them. He would prepare 500-1000 chappatis for them, and the langurs would wait patiently for their turn to receive their food. As the years passed, Jacky's devotion to the langurs and his dream of becoming a successful monkey man never wavered. He continued to perform at weddings and festivals, earning 10-12 dollars per day and around 200 dollars a month during the festive season.

He would practice for hours every day to perfect his art, and he loved it when people teased him as a monkey, taking it as a compliment. Despite his little success, Jacky never forgot his roots. He still lived in the slums and struggled to make ends meet. He missed his mother, who he calls sometimes, and both cry on the phone. His only dream was to become very successful and famous as a monkey man so that one day his family and community accepts him the way he is.

The documentary captures the essence of Jacky's life, his love for langurs, and his struggles to pursue his dreams in a society that often rejects people who are different. It shows how Jacky's special bond with his langurs and the local temple Guru who always supported and encouraged him helped him overcome his loneliness and find meaning in his life.

"Langur" is a heartwarming and uplifting documentary that celebrates the human spirit and the power of love and compassion to overcome adversity. It is a testament to the fact that street animals need love too and that there are some compassionate folks who go the extra mile to care for our furry and feathered friends.

Director Statement

On my way back home one night, I noticed a man dressed as a monkey roaming around on the streets, it intrigued me I couldn't stop talking to him, I heard his story & found it very inspiring, I thought I should tell this story to the world & that's how the idea for ''LANGUR'' Documentary originated. I made Jacky comfortable, spent lots of time with him, visited his place in Gujrat, lived with him, went to meet his Guru jee, met his parents then I returned back to Mumbai & wrote the entire script & finally our labour of love is ready.

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Cast & Crew

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Director | Writer | Editor    :    Haider Khan
Producers    :    Haider Khan & Anil Chaudhary
D.I & Colour    :    Haider Khan Films
Background Score    :    Pranshu Jha
Lyrics    :    Vinesh Pandey
Artist    :    Jacky Wadhvani
Tabla Player    :    Raju Kumar
Title Song Singer    :    Vicky Ambhore
Radha Krishna Song Singer    :    Vicky Ambhore
Bapla Song Singer    :    Vicky Ambhore
DI    :    Ritesh Kumar
Travel & Transport    :    Shakeel Ahmed
Clarks hotel Bhavnagar    :    Saga, Jaideep & Staff
Props & sets by    :    Aslam Bhai and Saleem Bhai
Location Scout    :    Mohit Bhai
Shooting Locations    :    Mumbai (Maharashtra), Bhavnagar (Gujara), Junagadh (Gujarat), Alang (Gujarat)
Lights    :    Bharat, Vinod, Ajay
House owner    :    Runjha Bhai
Radha Krishna male dancers    :    Monika and Shailesh
Atta chaki    :    Raju Bhai
Mother    :    Tulsi Bai
Ro Ro Ferry from    :    Hajira to Gogha
Assistant    :    Mayur Khan
Digital Partner    :    Tabrez Contractor (Adegency)
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Haider Khan is a Director / Photographer from Mumbai India. His first feature film titled ''ROHINGYA released on AppleTV.
2nd Film is the Bhutanese Feature Film LINGPOEN Released in 2023 in Bhutanese Theatres.
• BLACKINDIA - Documentary - Offical Selection, Academy Award Qualifying, Durban International Film Festival.
• BLACKINDIA - Documentary Screened at Halifax Black Film Festival, Canada.
• BLACKINDIA - Documentary Finalist at Xposure Sharjah, U.A.E
The World Photography Organisation ( London) Nov 2022 organized the event 'World’s Best Photographers'' in Tel Aviv-Israel where Haider was one of the five talented photographers to speak.
• Winner SONY World Photo Award 2022/ London
• Winner/GOLD at Prestigious PX3 2021 Prix de la Photographie de Paris.
• Winner I.P.A International Photography Awards 2022/ Los Angeles. U.S.A
• Exhibited Somerset House ( Sony World) / Strand, London WC2R 1LA, United Kingdom.
• Exhibiting Blank Wall Gallery from 23 September until 5 October 2022
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